Birth to 3 Years

45 minutes once a week

Online and On-site format

Parent for Infants offered by The Montessori School is an opportunity for children under three years to discover their true potential in a safe and age appropriate learning environment in the presence of their mothers or fathers. The objective of the Parent for Infants is to help parents become aware of the child’s true potential and thereby empowers them to be an aid to life.


Parents for Infants at TMS:

Babies bring joy and wonder into the lives of their families. Every coo, wave and blink holds parents in rapture. What they also bring is a host of questions along with a barrage of answers leaving parents overwhelmed most times! Parents for infants is created with the hope of nurturing a supportive community of parents and infants that come together to learn, observe and share experiences. We hold a vision of connecting parents with the marvellous world of infancy using the Montessori pedagogy. In the presence of AMI certified guides specializing in infant care, your infants’ natural passion for wonder, curiosity, exploration, and discovery will come alive.

The Parents for Infants program consists of practical sessions and educative sessions:

  • The practical sessions cater to parents along with their children who are under three years of age.

    Non Walking Infants: We offer the youngest infants progressive mobiles, objects to tug, balls to clutch and rattles to chase - it is a wonderful revelation to watch such young beings engage eagerly when simple handmade aids that meet their needs are made available. We also explore the innumerable doors that open through the dance of communication between the parents and the infant.

    Walking Infants: Our older infants are offered opportunities to participate in their routine experiences:

    • To care for themselves - rediscover the pleasure that feeding ourselves can be, the rich synergy that arises from routine interactions such as diapering, bathing, toileting.

    • To care for their environment - children find great satisfaction in feeling useful. Watch how they joyfully help to put things away, wipe up spills, water plants and pitch in for pretty much any work that the parent or caregiver engages in. We work together to facilitate this in a manner that is meaningful for both the child and adult.

    • To express themselves through movement, art, music and language

  • The educational sessions address parents and cover aspects of Montessori’s theory such as following the child, independence, the child’s ability to mirror his experiences, the impact of nature, art and music, the need for a prepared space and its role in nurturing the child’s growing independence. We share our experiences with the deep wisdom in these concepts.


Parents for Infants Online:

We are breaking the barriers of distance and opening doors to connect with a wider community of parents. Parents for Infants now offers the complete on-site experience virtually where we can meet, interact, connect and learn all about young children’s development. On this platform, we will be discussing our infants, exploring their endless possibilities and seeking ways to meet their developmental needs using the Montessori pedagogy.

The virtual sessions are designed only for parents of infants and are not to be confused with Parents for Infants at TMS sessions that include infants. They will be conducted bi-weekly and will span 30 minutes each.

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Parents for Infants is facilitated by

Janani Bhuvaneswaran

Janani holds the AMI Montessori Diploma at the Birth to Three years and Three to Six years level. She also holds a Masters in Early Childhood Education. Janani has worked with young children in India as well as the United States of America where she currently resides. She is passionate about helping families of young children and is also the writer/founder of Srishti - a virtual platform where she shares perspectives and consults families on early childhood parenting. In her spare time, she loves to cook for her family and curate recipes for young children to collaborate with in the kitchen.

Anita Devi

Anita holds the Infant/Toddler Montessori Diploma [birth to three] from the North American Montessori Center. ​She first discovered and fell in love with the Montessori method through researching educational options for her own children. ​After more than a decade in the IT field, she has discovered her calling in the field of education. She is inspired to assist young children to fulfill their needs in a loving and holistic atmosphere.