2 months to 12 months

45 minutes once a week

Bougainvillea campus and
Periwinkle Campus

Parent and Child Program offered at The Montessori School is an opportunity for young children to discover their true potential in a safe and age appropriate learning environment in the presence of their mothers or fathers. The objective of the Parent and Child Class is to help parents become aware of the child’s true potential and thereby empower them to be an aid to life.


The Parent and Child Program consist of 5 practical sessions and 3 educative sessions:

  • The Practical Sessions are recommended for parents and their children who are less than 2 years of age.

  • The Educative sessions cover aspects of Montessori’s theory, language, brain development and motor development. It also educates parents about different aspects of early childhood development and helps them prepare their home environment to foster independence.


Need for a Parent and Child program:

In the course of everyday living, parents spend the majority of their time feeding, diapering, bathing and monitoring activities. We seem to find very little opportunity to enjoy and appreciate our children. The Parent and Child Program at The Montessori School are established to give parents this opportunity. Through observation, discussions and sharing, parents are able to become fully present for their child, gain a better understanding of development and to learn to meet the true needs of their child without sacrificing their own. In addition, the children have the opportunity to interact on a regular basis with a familiar group of children, freely move and unfold as a human being.